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Product Details

 Style FD2629-100
Retail  $135
Release Date 11/14/2023


The ''TIGHTBOOTH x Nike SB Dunk Low'' is where the heartbeat of the city meets the soul of skate culture. Releasing on November 14, 2023, this sneaker is a celebration of the skateboarding scene and the urban landscape it thrives in. The White/Black-Safety Orange colorway mirrors the street lights and city nights, serving as a beacon for skaters everywhere.

This collaboration is about more than just looks-it's about the feel of the board underfoot and the grip on the pavement. The reflective elements and textural contrasts are inspired by the very streets that skaters call home. It’s a sneaker that doesn't just stand out visually; it's built to perform under the cover of darkness, embodying the essence of nocturnal sessions.

At $135, the ''TIGHTBOOTH Nike SB Sunk Low'' collaboration is an investment into the legacy of street skating. It's a bold statement piece for those who make the city their playground after sundown.

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