Sell. Get paid. To repeat.


Sell. Get paid. To repeat.

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    Sell ​​quickly and without problems

    Sell quickly and without problems.

    Just search for your product and set your price. You don't need to take product photos, share personal information or negotiate with potential buyers.

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    Reach Millions

    Our global reach includes millions of customers in over 200 countries and territories. So you're guaranteed to discover someone who can't wait to buy the item you're selling.

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    Receive Rewards

    We pride ourselves on having some of the lowest commission rates in the industry, and we want to express our gratitude for making that possible. The more you sell, the lower your fees.

  • 01

    Sell ​​quickly and without problems

    Simply search for your product and set your price. You don't need to take product photos, share personal information, or trade with potential buyers.

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    reach millions

    From the full list of accessories to all additional add-ons, you can rest assured that your purchase on StockX is every bit as good as a retail purchase.

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    Receive rewards

    Just as important as the product itself, our team ensures the packaging meets the highest quality standards to deliver a brand new product.

Start selling in 4 easy steps

  • No approval required! Sign up & sell

    Your earnings, your rules. All you have to do is choose a withdrawal method and currency from our available options.

  • Create smarter listings

    Decide when and how to sell based on historical sales data for each item in our marketplace.

  • Send us your sold items

     We expect you to send us the sold item within two business days. Simply print the label we send you and follow our shipping guidelines to ensure your products arrive safely at our authentication center.

  • Receive your payout

    We'll release your payouts once we confirm that the items you're selling are new and authentic.

Controll how you sell

You can sell immediately with the price of your choice, but keep in mind that it should transparently fit the current price situation. Looking for a quick solution? Select "Sell Now" on the product page to sell your item immediately at the highest bid.


How much does shipping cost for sellers?

Shipping costs vary depending on the country of origin of the seller to us.

I just sold something. How long do I have before I have to ship the item?

For new releases of sneakers you have 3-5 working days, for Supreme releases we give you 5 working days due to the special shipping process after a Supreme drop. All other items, including sneakers, sold the day or weekend after their original release must ship within 2-3 business days.

What does “deadstock sneaker” mean at AP sneaker?

At AP sneaker, “deadstock” means that a pair of sneakers is authentic, brand new and unworn. It is still in the original packaging, complete with lid and sticker indicating the shoe size, just as the sneakers are sold at retail.