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of online trade in the sneaker game. Be part of the biggest sneaker marketplace in Europe. & become part of the AP fam as a buyer,seller or supporter.

of online trade in the sneaker game. Be part of the biggest sneaker marketplace in Europe. & become part of the AP fam as a buyer,seller or supporter.

of sneaker-lovers to provide you with a platform to share your passion, discover rare treasures and expand your collections. Immerse yourself in our world and experience the fascination of sneaker culture.

of sneaker-lovers to provide you with a platform to share your passion, discover rare treasures and expand your collections. Immerse yourself in our world and experience the fascination of sneaker culture.


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AP sneaker is a global marketplace

When AP sneaker started in 2020 as a small team from the street, we were a humble sneaker marketplace with a vision to conquer the sneaker stage. In the last two years, we have grown into one of the largest secondary marketplaces in Germany, if not Europe, with a catalog of over 3,000+ sneakers from various brand categories. As our platform matured and our community of buyers and sellers multiplied, we expanded far beyond our hometown. AP sneaker now has 8 different authentication centers on three different continents. And this expansion of our authentication network means that we now securely connect buyers and sellers in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

The numbers prove us right. The surveys prove us right. The media prove us right. And the consensus in Europe and around the world is that AP sneaker is reputable.

And we are only at the beginning.

We will continue to improve and innovate, listen to our customers and build trust, expand with new products, new categories and new markets, and pursue our mission to make AP sneaker the easiest, fairest and safest place to access the latest culture.

AP Sneaker reviews

When it comes to trusting AP sneaker and trusting our authentication processes, you don't need to take our word for it. Thousands of people around the world have trusted our platform and chosen it with their wallets. Today, AP sneaker is one of the leading global marketplaces in Europe for access to the latest culture, and soon to be worldwide. More than millions of customers visit AP sneaker every month and people around the world shop on AP sneaker every day.

AP Sneaker in the news

It is always nice to get good press, and over the years we have been lucky enough to have a lot of it. AP sneaker has been featured in many leading publications in the Balkan countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

Outside of the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), journalists have written several articles about our platform, showing how AP sneaker has expanded access to regional markets and created an easier, fairer and trustworthy way to secure hard-to-find sneakers in their countries. Examples of this international coverage include Telivizioni 7, Klan Kosova, T7, Gazette Express, etc.

Many of these journalists have visited our facilities, observed our authentication team, spoken with our customers and interviewed our leadership team to write these reports. We highly recommend you to read the reports yourself and learn more about our authentication process.


AP sneaker is committed to investing in sustainable practices, both internally as part of its business activities and externally by supporting campaigns and initiatives partners that are growing in number.

Art, culture and fashion

AP sneaker is inherently linked to the art scene. The sneaker and streetwear divisions in particular have roots that lead back to some of the most famous street artists, musical artists, DJ's, singers, rappers and designers. The company supports organizations & individuals that aim to introduce youth to art, culture and taste for fashion and sneakers.

Core Values of AP Sneaker

Committed to what is right

We believe in the power of truth, authenticity and transparency. We do the right thing, and we do it right, everything for our AP family.

Champion for our customer

We are always listening and constantly learning so that we can offer our customers the quality they deserve every day. That's why we look forward to any criticism and help from you. Together we are strong!

Playing in the Dream Team

Our diverse and amazing team is bound together by a deep belief in our VISION, a passionate commitment to each other and a shared enjoyment of the adventure we strive for and experience. We play to win and have fun doing it. Together we can do anything.

Hungry for what comes next

We are committed to learning, growing and rethinking. We push ourselves and each other against status and are not afraid to make mistakes.

Building a unique heritage

We are always building better - a better product, a better workplace and a better sneaker world. We will always raise the bar, change the game and make sure we create something that will never be forgotten for our AP family.

Is AP Sneaker serious?

Let's start with the basics. One of the reasons AP sneaker is a safe place to shop as well as sell stems from what we are known for: It's our authentication process. Currently, AP sneaker employs a team of over several trained verifiers who work hand-in-hand with nearly a hundred other team members and partners - from knowledge managers to quality assurance specialists. Thanks to their combined efforts, AP sneaker has an exam accuracy rate of 99.7%.

You should know that only a fraction of our inspection process concerns counterfeit goods. It also covers more general errors, such as when a product is the wrong size or an accessory is missing. Our inspectors make sure that there are no manufacturing defects, that the packaging is not damaged, that all accessories are included, and that the product is the right size. All of this adds up to an incredibly high standard of inspection, which must be observed at all times. And if you receive an item that doesn't meet our high standards of quality and accuracy - don't worry: we're on your side. We stand behind every order, and if we make a mistake, our top-notch customer service is there for you to resolve the issue and get you the right product. That way, you can always rest assured that AP sneaker is safe. And your buying and selling experience will always be fun and safe.

That's a huge step forward, given the broader context of the sneaker fraud story. AP sneaker was founded in 2020 with the goal of bringing trust and transparency to the chaotic and opaque sneaker resale market (marketplace). At the time, buying sneakers was a risky endeavor: Fraud was commonplace, counterfeiting was ubiquitous, and buyers were pretty much unprotected from fraudulent sellers.
In 2020, analysts estimate the value of the counterfeit sneaker market at $460 million. Unfortunately, the proliferation of counterfeit sneakers has become commonplace and widespread.

Outside of AP sneaker, the resale market for sneakers is anything but safe, as evidenced by the half a billion dollars worth of counterfeits sold annually. But reselling on AP sneaker is different. By adding a layer of authentication to the normal sales relationship, AP sneaker has changed the market even more from the other marketplaces already in place. By putting ourselves between the buyer and seller and inspecting as well as authenticating every item sold on our marketplace, we have left behind the old world where counterfeit sneakers were commonplace (Even in major marketplaces worldwide) and opened up a New Energy to the New World where authenticity as well as transparency is a central part of the shopping experience.
In short, we've made shopping exponentially safer, faster and easier than it's ever been before.

It's been over two years since AP sneaker launched as a sneaker-only marketplace. That means we've had a good two years to perfect the science of authentication. However, before that, people from our team specifically studied the subject and played through the game. In that time, over hundreds of thousands of products have gone through
AP sneaker's authentication process, and we have learned from each one. We have also expanded our sneaker/sneaker knowledge and skills far beyond.

Our exceptional team of trained authenticators follows a three-step process that combines expert knowledge, human identification, and state-of-the-art AI technology. The team has a well-robust database of proprietary information derived from years of internal and external experience in the field. This database consists of over 1 billion data points and allows our verifiers to check every sneaker sold on AP sneaker for authenticity. By developing and perfecting the science of authenticity verification, we have virtually eliminated the previously common risk for buyers to purchase counterfeit goods.

99.97%. We are very proud of this number. And we will continue to grow our team, expand our knowledge, and invest in new authentication technologies so that AP sneaker remains the safest place in the world to buy and sell.