10 of the Best New Women's Jordans

10 of the Best New Women's Jordans

Our picks for the best women’s Jordan releases that should be on your feet right now.

By AP Sneaker

There has never been a more exciting time in women’s sneakers than right now. With more women involved in the culture today than ever before, brands have stepped up their efforts to meet the demands of ladies looking for the latest and greatest kicks, whether that be new collaborations, colorways, and/or silhouettes.

In terms of the brands guiding the culture of women’s sneakers, few are having more of an impact than Jordan Brand in 2023.

Realistically, we could fill up what would amount to a month’s worth of content featuring the best women’s sneakers from Jordan Brand—this year alone. That’s because there seems to be no shortage of options by Jordan if you’re looking for fresh new women’s kicks to wear on a daily basis.

But rather than get into the weeds of Jordan’s impact on women’s sneakers, we’re going to just cut to the chase and present you with the Air Jordans we think should be in your collection right now. Think of this as our end-of-the-year gift to you with the holiday shopping season around the corner.

These are our selections for 10 of the best women’s Jordans out right now.

Women’s Jordan 1 High OG “Satin Bred”

Originally released in men’s sizing in super limited quantities in 2016, the ''Jordan 1 High OG Satin Bred'' was recently re-released in women’s sizing for the first time. The new version may be more widely available than the original from a few years ago, but no less coveted, as the colorway is based on the legendary Jordan 1 “Bred.”

Women’s Jordan 1 Mid “Strawberries & Cream”

The Women’s Jordan 1 Mid is always available in colorways that catch the eye, and few have been more attention-seeking than the “Strawberries & Cream” in 2023. The style draws favorably from the delicious dessert of the same name and features an easy-to-look at pink-and-white color block.

Women’s Jordan 3 “Lucky Green”

Michael Jordan’s historic 63-point performance in the 1986 NBA Playoffs against the Boston Celtics is still inspiring Air Jordan sneakers today. While not officially tied to the Celtics, the Women’s 'Jordan 3 Lucky Green'' is nonetheless a nod to the storied NBA franchise, as it features the team’s uniform colors on its design.

Women’s Jordan 4 “Frozen Moments”

Month after month, the Air Jordan 4 has been rolled out in one great colorway after another this year. Of all the options to choose from, the “Frozen Moments” ranks near or at the top of the list due to the simple fact that the sneaker can be worn with quite literally anything in one’s wardrobe.

Women's Jordan 5 "Mars for Her"

It doesn’t get any better than the Women’s ''Jordan 5 Mars for Her''. Why is that, you ask? The fiery red suede colorway is just a slightly different version of the Jordan 5’s beloved “Raging Bull” release from back in the day. Like that shoe, the “Mars for Her” is complete with an eye-catching, all-red suede appearance, but this time with a few updates.

Women's Jordan 4 "Canyon Purple"

The Air Jordan 4 could actually be more popular now than when it was originally released. And it’s no wonder: colorways like the women’s-exclusive “Canyon Purple” are furthering its legacy as we continue to move on from Michael Jordan’s playing days.

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